Students at Shasta College majoring in Culinary Arts/Culinary Management experience a practical, hands-on approach to innovative methods and classic techniques for preparing numerous cuisines. Demonstration classes are followed by hands-on classes in a professionally equipped, modern kitchen. Business courses, which include, supervision, menu planning and cost control, round out the curriculum.

The Shasta College program is one of the few in the nation that serves a menu to the public, two days a week, in a restaurant-replicated environment, as part of the laboratory, preparation, and service curriculum requirements. Students learn in real-time and obtain immediate feedback from both instructors and those served.

According to the American Hotel and Lodging Association, Hospitality is the third-largest retail industry. It supports almost 7.5 million jobs and employs one of eight Americans either directly or indirectly. The industry is known to promote from within and move talented employees quickly up the career ladder.

Advanced education is an asset and often a requirement for many hospitality and culinary positions, and it is important to have specialized training in some segments. In addition, practical knowledge gained by experience is extremely important in this industry. Opportunities extend far beyond individual restaurants, recreation services, food service operations, hotels and lodging facilities, and businesses. Worldwide experiences abound in resorts, country clubs, catering companies, convention centers, theme parks, and more.

Superb instruction and excellent employment prospects help to make your Culinary Arts/Culinary Management studies a recipe for success. Completion of the program will result in a Certificate of Completion, Certificate of Achievement and/or Associate of Science degree in Culinary Arts/Culinary Management.

The world of Culinary Arts is unique because it offers opportunities in countless vocations. You could manage a department or design kitchens in a hotel, coordinate weddings, critique cuisine, write for a travel magazine, plan special effects at a theme park, hire and train employees at a resort. Students may find such opportunities as owning a wine bar or a bed-and-breakfast establishment or adventure-based operations offering river-rafting, fishing excursions or hiking tours. Culinary Arts and Hospitality is a field of study that can open career doors to almost any area in the industry.


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