General Studies – 18 Unit Emphasis | SC Program: AS.1513

Many natural processes studied across a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines influence climate and weather on Earth. This degree plan reflects that fact by incorporating multidisciplinary courses such as Earth System Science and Oceanography while being centered on a core of physics, meteorology, and global climate. Electives in the plan can support spatial associations, environmental considerations, geologic and astronomical influences, as well as computer basics and statistics, depending on student interests. At least one chemistry and one physics course are recommended for the degree, as well as the completion of MATH 102 for the GE pattern.

Program Learning Outcomes

For General Studies Degree Learning Outcomes, see page 29.

Complete the following 10 units
  • ESCI 14 Meteorology (3)
  • ESCI 14L Meteorology Laboratory (1)
  • ESCI 17 Earth System Sciences (3)
  • ESCI 18 Global climate: Past, Present and Future (3)
Choose 4 units from the following
  • AGNR 60 Environmental Science (3) AND AGNR 61 Environmental Science Lab (1)
  • ESCI 10 Environmental Geology (4)
  • ESCI 15 Oceanography (4)
  • PHYS 2B General College Physics (4)
Choose 4 units from the following
  • AGNR 1 Introduction to Natural Resources (3)
  • ASTR 1 Astronomy: The Solar System (3)
  • CIS 1 Computer Literacy Workshop (3)
  • GEOG10 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (3)
  • MATH 14 Introduction to Statistics (4)

For reference only as of 2019/2020

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