Study of automotive air conditioning systems: Principles and systems necessary for the installation, design, function, and repair of air conditioning units; maintenance, troubleshooting procedures, proper use of air conditioning charging station and recovery/recycle equipment; emphasis on proper use of manuals and safe use of tools and equipment.

This is a locally approved certificate. Upon satisfactory completion of the listed requirements and application for completion of the certificate to Admissions and Records, the student will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate program is not approved through the California Community College Chancellor’s Office; therefore, completion of the certificate will not be listed on the student’s transcript.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this certificate, the student should be able to:

  • Identify the basic electrical circuits and diagnose automotive electrical systems.
  • Apply the basic principles of physics as they work in the automotive industry.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of automotive HVAC systems and approved air-conditioning service practices.
  • Utilize appropriate diagnostic equipment, documentation, and troubleshooting principles on automotive HVAC systems.

Certificate Requirements

  • AUTO 1 Vehicle Electrical Systems 3
  • AUTO 11 Intro to Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology 3
  • AUTO 163 Heating, Air Conditioning and Accessories 3
Total Units for Certificate: 9 

For reference only as of 2019/2020

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