Certificate | SC Program: CL.3451

The Industrial Manufacturing and Automation Certificate will prepare students for jobs in the manufacturing industry such as mechatronic or automated systems technicians, PLC programmers and automation design, both in large and small facilities.

This is a locally approved certificate. Upon satisfactory completion of the listed requirements and application for completion of the certificate to Admissions and Records, the student will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate program is not approved through the California Community College Chancellor’s Office; therefore, completion of the certificate will not be listed on the student’s transcript.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this certificate, the student should be able to:

  • Design a simple control program for a small-scale industrial processing station including detailed schematics.
  • Build the system including Remote IO and all safety procedures.
  • Demonstrate system operation including safety procedures.
  • Modify system for given input/output changes.
  • Maintain system through given component failure.
  • Create PLC ladder logics code sing RS 5000.
  • Modify system for given process changes.
  • Troubleshoot system for instructor introduced error.
  • Present system and key learnings to class.

Certificate Requirements

  • INDE 1 Career Planning for Industrial Technology 1
  • INDE 40 Entrepreneurial Manufacturing 2
  • INDE 41 Industrial Electronics 3
  • INDE 42 Industrial Control Devices 3
  • INDE 43 Industrial Motor Control 3
  • INDE 44 Industrial Process Control 3
  • INDE 94 INDE Worksite Learning 2
Total Units for Certificate: 17

For reference only as of 2019/2020

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