Which Math Class Should I Take?​

Most pathways to a degree or certificate here at Shasta College have a math requirement. We recommend you take care of this requirement as soon as possible! Deciding on which math class to take is a very important decision. We are here to help you decide! Here are the recommended steps for making this important decision:

  • Get a copy of your high school transcript(s) (or college if you went to another college). Most schools are more than happy to give you a copy.
  • Go see a Shasta College Counselor in the Administration Building, Room 126*. Drop-in/Express counseling is recommended if you have your transcript(s) and all you need to do is select a math course.
  • ​If you have other questions, you can schedule a Counseling appointment. You can call 530-242-7724 or go to the Counseling webpage and click on Counseling Appointments on the left side of the page*.  
  • Show the counselor your transcript, and ask them to help you decide which math class is right for you.  
  • If you are able to decide at that time, go ahead and register for your math class as soon as possible.
  • If you and your counselor have a hard time deciding which class to take, he or she may advise you to make an appointment at our Assessment Center to do a placement assessment called ALEKS PPL. Click here to make an appointment. Your counselor can give you some information about what to expect and advise you on how to make an appointment.  
  • Once you complete the ALEKS assessment, the Assessment Center will advise you on next steps, and it’s a good idea to go back to your counselor to make your final decision.


If you are enrolled in one of our special programs or are at one of our extended education sites, please contact the following areas for counseling services: 

  • EOPS/CARE: (530) 242-7540
  • PACE: (530) 242-7790 
  • TRIO: (530) 242-7692
  • CalWorks: (530) 225-3949

Extended Ed:  

  • Intermountain: (530) 335-2311
  • Tehama: (530) 529-8980
  • Trinity: (530) 623-2231  

If you have any further questions about which class to take or any of our math courses, feel free to contact our math department coordinator, Jennifer McCandless, at jmccandless@shastacollege.edu​ or 530-242-2303.