SAP Notifications / Status

The students SAP status will be reviewed at the end of every semester once grades post.  If the student has not met one of the SAP standards they will receive a notification informing them of one of the following SAP status’s via email. The student’s SAP status will also be posted in their “My Shasta”-“My Financial Aid” portal which will provide details as to which SAP standard the student did not meet.

SATISFACTORY: The student has met all three SAP standards and is in good standing.

WARNING (GPA/PACE): The student will be funded one semester and will be required to submit their grades at the end of the semester for a review. Students in a Warning status are advised to meet with their counselor, utilize tutoring services, and seek help from their instructors.

The student has either:

  • ​Fallen below the 2.0 GPA minimum
  • ​Fallen below the 67% Pace standard

INELIGIBLE (GPA/PACE): The student is now ineligible to receive financial aid at Shasta College for any future semesters until the students regains their financial aid eligibility. 

​The student was:

  • In a Warning Status and did not raise their GPA or PACE to the minimum standard
  • Previously determined ineligible due to past semesters not meeting the minimum standard

Maximum Timeframe Warning (Quantitative): The student has attempted/completed 100% number of units required for their major.  The student can be funded up to 125% in a Maximum Timeframe Warning, however if the student will exceed the 125% they will have to appeal for a Quantitative Extension. Students who have to appeal, must meet with a counselor and submit a current comprehensive educational plan with the appeal form (see Appeal Process).

​For example:

If a student's major requires 60 units to complete, 150% of 60 units equals 90. 125% of 60 units equals 75 units. The student can be funded without interruption or in need to appeal up to 75 attempted units. 

Please Note: It is advised for the student to meet with their counselor and only take courses required for their major to avoid exceeding the 150% Quantitative rule.

Maximum Timeframe Ineligible (Quantitative): The student has attempted/completed 125% of their declared educational goal. The student must appeal for any additional units needed to complete. This ensures that the student will complete within the 150% rule of the Quantitative component of SAP and if they are to exceed it, an approved appeal will grant additional units.

​Regaining Financial Aid Eligibility​

If a student becomes ineligible due to not meeting one of the three SAP standards (GPA, PACE, or Quantitative) the student can regain their eligibility in the following ways:

  • GPA/Pace Ineligible
    • Students can continue attending Shasta College without financial aid and as soon as they raise their GPA and/or Pace to the minimum requirements, they will successfully regain their eligibility.
    • Students can submit a GPA/PACE Appeal Form and go through the appeal process. See Appeal Process for more information.
  • Quantitative Ineligible
    • Students can submit a Quantitative Appeal for Extension of Units Form, see Appeal Process.