In 2018, Shasta College partnered with the Institute for Higher Education Policy to implement a national initiative called Degrees When Due. Degrees When Due is a completion and equity initiative to help states and colleges increase degree attainment among the “some college, no degree” population.  

​I earned a degree. Next steps?​


Email or phone (530) 395-8621 to provide your current mailing address so we can mail you your diploma. Please let us know if you have changed your name and would like your diploma to reflect your new name.

Commencement Activities

If you would like to participate in commencement activities and need more information, please email or call (530) 242-7626.

Bachelor’s Degree 

If you are interested in pursuing your Bachelor’s Degree, we can help!

If you are thinking of transferring to a university by physically moving and attending a university in person, please contact (530) 242-7724 or visit Counseling to set up an appointment with a counselor.

If you would prefer or need to use an online university, please reach out to the BOLD (Bachelor’s through Online or Local Degrees) Coordinator at (530) 395-8626 or

Declining Your Degree

If you do not wish to be awarded this degree that you have earned, please email or call (530) 395-8621.

​​​I'm a few classes / requirements short of my degree. Next steps?

Please contact our ACE (Accelerated College Degree) Coordinator at (530) 242-7676 or ACE offers a wide variety of coursework in 8-week, compressed online classes, including a full complement of general education coursework, and major coursework in some, but not all, programs.