3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Zoom Meeting
Hosted by Shasta CARES
  • Downloaded Bingo cards need to be completed by February 22. 
  • Winners will be announced during this Zoom session.

How Do You Play Healthy Relationships Bingo?

  1. Follow Shasta CARES on Instagram and Facebook @shastacares to download the BINGO card or follow this link to generate your virtual card: https://bingobaker.com/#e216fda2ff792167
  2. While you are watching your favorite series, reels, or TikTok accounts, think about if the relationships are healthy (BINGO!) or unhealthy. If you are with someone, play together and discuss. Keep track of your examples for each healthy relationship characteristic so we can verify your BINGO!
  3. By February 22, share your BINGO card with examples after you have identified at least one row with five boxes in any direction. For extra chances to win prizes, find all 25 squares! Share by clicking on the three lines in the corner and selecting share. Send the link to your card to Jessie at jballard@shastacollege.edu.

**Prizes will be given to the first three people who submit their card and the remaining submissions will be put into a raffle! Individuals who found all 25 examples of a healthy relationship get an extra entry in the raffle!