Published October 15, 2020

I knew that I wanted to work with people and offer some kind of help or service. I studied pre-med at a private college in Michigan for a couple of years, until I moved out to Redding. After living and working in Redding for a few years, a friend told me that she was looking into the dental hygiene program at Shasta College, which piqued my interest. Once I looked over the prerequisites for the program, I realized that I had already completed most of them! I immediately applied to the college online and set up an appointment with a counselor. I was accepted into the program a couple of months after completing my last prerequisite!

Dental hygiene is meticulous, interpersonal, and entirely fulfilling! Shasta College provides such an excellent program for dental hygiene and at an affordable cost. The instructors were genuine, personable, compassionate, and understanding throughout our training. Feeling overwhelmed? Had a tough case? They get it. The most meaningful moments are when we all stop, listen, and empathize with each other as a team. They push us to be better, and they encourage us when we doubt and question ourselves. I feel very blessed to have chosen Shasta College, and I am confident that I will be leaving as a competent and knowledgeable dental hygienist. After I graduate, I plan on serving here in our local community with the same compassion and excellence my instructors provided to me.

Shasta College Knight, 2020