Field/Industry Health Care & Medical

Business Name Anderson Union High School District

Contact Name Brooke Wagner

Address 3805 Happy Valley Rd., Anderson, CA

Phone Number 530-378-0568 x10001

Email Address


Job Position/Title District Nurse

Rate of Pay $40,953 - $85,949

Days / Hours Full Time

Job Description

  • District Nurse
  • Starting 2021-2022 School Year

Salary and Benefits

  • Beginning Annual Salary: $40,953 - $85,949 + 7% based upon experience and education
  • Master’s Stipend: $1,500
  • Health, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance

Basic Function

The scope of practice of the District Nurse is dynamic. Student health services are evolving as school systems develop coordinated school health programs to address the diverse and complex health problems of today’s students. The role of the Credentialed School Nurse is defined in Education Code Section 49426. It reads, in part: “School nurses strengthen and facilitate the educational process by improving and protecting the health status of children and by identification and assistance in the removal or modification of health-related barriers to learning in individual children. The major focus of school health services is the prevention of illness and disability, and the early detection and correction of health problems.”

This is a licensed, skilled and technical position.

Under minimal supervision from the Superintendent, addresses the health care needs of students as they relate to education; performs required State testing and reporting; and advances the well-being, academic success, and life-long achievement of students. The District Nurse facilitates positive student responses to normal development; promotes health and safety; intervenes with actual and potential health problems; provides case management services; and actively collaborates with others to build student and family capacity for adaptation, self-management, self-advocacy, and learning.

The District Nurse uses the nursing process, clinical expertise, and professional judgment to design and implement health services programs that ensure that all students will receive the optimum benefit from their educational experience. This is accomplished by working collaboratively with students, families, teachers, and other members of the multidisciplinary team, while utilizing resources within the community to meet the physical, mental, emotional and social health needs of students.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assumes responsibility for appropriate assessments, planning, intervention, and evaluation, management, and referral activities for students in the school district.
  • Responsible for direct and indirect care given to students in compliance with school district policies, professional standards of practice, physician’s orders, and the Individual Health Plan.
  • Performs federal and state mandated tasks including, but not limited to, emergency care; child abuse reporting; communicable disease control, prevention, and follow up; audiometric and vision screening.
  • Provides for the promotion and maintenance of health as well as the prevention of illness and injuries. This facilitates the removal of health-related barriers to learning and promotes an optimal level of wellness for students and staff.
  • Assesses and evaluates student health and developmental status.
  • Maintains, evaluates and interprets cumulative health data to accommodate individual needs of students.
  • Maintains, protects, and manages confidential electronic and written student health records.
  • Provides consultation in the formation of health policies, goals, and objectives for the school district.
  • Develops and implements a student health plan; interprets the health status of students to parents and school personnel; and initiates referrals to parents, school personnel, or community health resources for intervention, remediation, and follow through as legally appropriate.
  • Provides ongoing health counseling with students, parents, school personnel; and utilizes existing health resources to provide appropriate care of students.
  • Provides school nursing case management services for students.
  • Develops procedures and provides for emergency nursing management for injuries/illnesses.
  • Evaluates the appropriate level of care for students with specialized health care needs and trains, monitors, and supervises licensed and unlicensed staff.
  • Plans and implements school health management protocols.
  • Promotes and protects the optimal health status of school-age children; provides health assessments; and obtains students’ health histories
  • Administers TB tests, reads results, and reports results to the District Office.
  • Functions in accordance with the Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses and the school district’s policies and procedures.
  • Assists in the coordination of school and community health activities and serves as a liaison health professional between the home, school, and community.
  • Communicates with students, families, caregivers, and health care providers as legally appropriate.
  • Screens and evaluates findings of deficit in vision, hearing, and other health related issues.
  • Acts as a resource person in promoting health careers.
  • Serves as a health consultant and provides in-service programs to staff on a variety of health topics.
  • Assists in developing curriculum and delivery of comprehensive health education to students.
  • Interprets assessments and medical information to school staff working with the students.
  • Promotes and assists in the control of communicable diseases.
  • Provides health education and counseling to assist students and families in making decisions on health and lifestyles that affect health.
  • Assists counseling personnel with students concerning issues related to pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and substance abuse in order to facilitate responsible decision making practices.
  • Serves as a resource person to the school staff members in health instruction.
  • Where applicable, participates in the IEP or 504 plan development.
  • Administers routine and emergency medications, and trains and supervises school staff and volunteers in assisting students with same.

Knowledge, Abilities and Skills

  • Principles and practices underlying professional nursing.
  • Principles and practices underlying the special field of school health.
  • Current trends in nursing and of literature in the fields of school health.
  • Organization and administration of other cooperating agencies.
  • State and local laws relating to health and social issues.
  • Exercise professional judgment in making decisions.
  • Communicate appropriately and effectively with students, parents, administrators, other school personnel, etc.
  • Demonstrate a genuine interest in the student population and its health needs.
  • Show initiative.
  • Use a computer and various software applications.

Qualifications, License, or Certificate Requirements

  • Qualified to practice as a Registered Nurse in the State of California
  • School Health Services Credential (Obtained within the first 5 years of employment)
  • Valid Audiometric Certificate
  • Certified in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or BLS (or obtain in the first 6 months)
  • Possess a valid California Class C driver's license


  • Office environment: subject to constant interruptions
  • Requires student contact at school sites
  • Exposure to an array of childhood ailments, diseases, and bodily fluids

Physical Requirements

  • Dexterity of hands and fingers to operate medical equipment, a computer, and other office equipment.
  • Sitting or standing for extended periods of time and walking to various locations at the assigned school sites.
  • Kneeling and bending, and reaching horizontally and overhead to retrieve and maintain files and to store supplies and records.
  • Lifting and carrying objects weighing up to 30 pounds.
  • Hearing and speaking to exchange information in person and on the phone.
  • May be required to assist students experiencing physical difficulties.

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