Published January 14, 2022

Field/Industry Natural Resources & Science

Business Name Forest Carbon Works

Contact Name Sandy Letzing

Phone Number 9712971229

Email Address


Job Position/Title Forest Technician

Rate of Pay $250-325/day

Days / Hours 10-40/hrs

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Job Description

Forest Carbon Works ( is contracting for the position of a Forest Technician located in Northern California, U.S. starting in winter 2022. The position is for temporary contractual work with potential for a longer term position.

The Forest Technician will assist with the Forest Carbon Works platform, an innovative new service which helps small landowners access the carbon market. The Technician’s primary responsibility will be to collect forest information using our smartphone inventory device. The Technician will travel independently to various assigned properties throughout California and possibly nearby states to collect forest inventory information. Collecting forest inventory information will mostly consist of taking photos of trees using the device in various places (plots) on each property.

The Technician will communicate directly with assigned landowners to arrange a property visit and schedule inventory work. The Technician will work remotely with staff members that are located in Berkeley, California and Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Technician will regularly communicate and report to staff via phone or email with occasional in-person correspondences (in California and surrounding regions).

Specific tasks will include traveling to property sites; correspondence with client landowners; collection of forest inventory information using a smartphone device on all assigned plots; regular communication with program staff. Frequent and sometimes extended, overnight travel to property sites within the California region is required. The Technician is required to have a reliable vehicle for work-related travel.

Applicants will attend a remote training session led by Forest Carbon Works staff and complete an online quiz.

Technicians are paid $250 to $325+ per day (more details upon hire). The Technician will have input as to which properties they want to be assigned. Input and assignment of properties will occur via the Forest Carbon Works online platform. The Technician will have the opportunity to work as many or as few hours as they choose depending on their availability, preferences, and the availability of properties to work on.

Once a Technician is assigned a property, it is expected that inventory work is completed in a timely manner.

This position is ideal for someone looking for a flexible work schedule, has experience using smartphones, and has spent time in the forests of California. This position is also ideal for forestry, environmental science, and natural resource students who are looking to get some experience in the field.


Possess a high school diploma equivalent or higher

  • Proficient in use of smartphone technology, digital cameras, and GPS devices
  • Feel comfortable working alone and safely in large forests for long periods of time
  • Enjoy spending time outside in the forests of California
  • Comfortable working in brush, undergrowth, and thickly forested areas
  • Comfortable working/camping in a variety of conditions including rain and extreme temperatures
  • Willing and able to camp overnight for 2-4 days (possess proper gear)
  • Able and willing to work long field days in rugged terrain
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Possess a vehicle capable of driving various distances throughout the California region
  • Able to take direction and communicate (via phone and email) with team members
  • Feel comfortable communicating and arranging schedules with landowners via online portal and in person
  • Organized and attentive to detail
  • Able to manage their time effectively
  • Can work alone efficiently
  • Feel comfortable meeting time sensitive deadlines and work quotas
  • Possess willingness and drive to troubleshoot and solve minor technology issues on-the-fly
  • Have the ability to memorize and replicate basic measurement procedures
  • Know how to use a compass and/or have experience with orienteering
  • Possess their own field gear including but not limited to hiking boots, camping gear, reflective/safety clothing (hunting)
  • Have insurance as required by law
  • Have interest in ecosystem conservation, natural resources, or environmental protection

Previous field experience in California of at least 3 years is a strong preference

  • Experience with forest mensuration techniques is a plus
  • Experience with troubleshooting smartphone technical issues is a plus
  • Familiarity with regional tree species is a plus
  • A Bachelor’s degree in forestry or other environmental fields is a plus

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