Academic Counseling

The Shasta College CalWORKs Program provides academic counselors specifically trained to assist the needs of students participating in the county CalWORKs program. The Shasta College CalWORKs program staff and academic counselors have close working relationships with the Employment and Training Workers of Shasta, Tehama and Trinity Counties. This arrangement helps a student to remain in compliance with the required guidelines set down by their County Department of Social Services CalWORKs office. 

Supplemental Support Elements 

Books and Supplies

Shasta College CalWORKs may be able to support school related books and supplies if the books or supplies you are requesting are "unsupported" by your county CalWORKs department.

Types of books and supplies that may be supported by Shasta College CalWORKs

  • Reimbursement for books you purchased before your county agreed to support your education, if your county denies reimbursement.
  • Books listed as "recommended" by your instructors. They must be books for courses on your educational plan.
  • General school supplies above and beyond what has already been supported by your county.

If you are Exempt from participating in Welfare to Work activities Shasta College CalWORKs may be able to provide required and recommended books.

Print Vouchers 

Shasta College CalWORKs can provide you with print vouchers so you can print and photocopy college or CalWORKs related materials for FREE.

See the Printing and Copying Resource Grid for places on campus that provide printing and copying.

To request a voucher contact Hilly Wallis at 242-7749 or

Gas Cards

  • Availability of gas cards from Shasta College CalWORKs is limited and may not always be available.
  • Gas cards are available to CalWORKs students who need supplemental fuel support to be successful in college.  
  • Gas cards are counted as part of your Financial Aid. Usually this is not an issue for CalWORKs students because they have a high Expected Family Contribution (EFC). We will confirm you have remaining EFC before providing you with a gas card.

One of the below, must be true to be eligible for a gas card.

  • You have been deemed not eligible by your county for travel reimbursement.  
  • You ride-share or carpool and the driver has requested gas money for providing you with a ride.
  • Your county only provides travel reimbursement at the end of each month and you need help with gas to make it through your first month of a semester.
  • The reimbursement you receive from the county is not enough to cover your school related transportation needs.