If you would like to apply to the program, fill out the College to Career Application (PDF) and begin completing the Steps to Apply to C2C (PDF). We do not recommend that you wait to hear from C2C about if you have been accepted to the program, before starting your steps with the Department of Rehabilitation or with Shasta College.

Even if you are not accepted into C2C the Department of Rehabilitation can be a valuable resource in your journey to training and employment.

If you are not sure yet if C2C would be a good fit for you, please contact Kendra Wells, Interim Project Director for C2C, at or call (530) 395-8630.


In order to apply to the College to Career Program you should be:

  • An adult (18 years of age or older) with an intellectual disability, as defined by being: 
  • Eligible for Far Northern Regional Center (FNRC) services due to an intellectually disablity (ID)
  • Eligible for FNRC services with any other qualifying condition and a Full Scale IQ (FSIQ) of 85 or below
  • Unsure about your qualifying disability and willing to complete processes to determine your eligibility
  • A Department of Rehabilitation participant or eligible and willing to become a participant during their C2C application process
  • Able to attend classes, work, and other program related activities regularly and reliably
  • Willing to learn to travel to school and work independently (e.g. by bus) if you are not already able to do so
  • Able to participate in the college campus independently and without supervision
  • Able to follow the Shasta College Student Standards of Conduct (BP 5500)

Additionally students should be:

  • Motivated to attend college and work
  • Have a desire to obtain permanent, competitive paid employment
  • A commitment to spending the time needed for school related activities such as:
    • Classes
    • Homework
    • Accessing support services (tutoring, counseling, financial aid, workshops, etc.)
    • Meeting with program staff
    • Participating in extracurricular activities (theater productions, athletic events, clubs, etc.)

C2C is a commitment for participants who want to gain an educational foundation working towards their job goals. C2C is not a vendored service of the Far Northern Regional Center. C2C is also not affiliated with K-12 Special Education services or governed by the IEP process and does not take the place of a or serve as a transition age program. Students or families interested in and/or eligible for 18-22 transition service should contact their local school district.