Quick Facts
Degree University Studies Degree
Areas of Study Engineering / CAD

The emphasis in Engineering is designed to provide the lower division major courses to transfer to a university and earn a Bachelor’s degree in the various fields of engineering. This includes Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. See a counselor for the complete list of courses required for your engineering field and university – the requirements typically total many more than 26 units and the general education areas are usually modified (see option #3).

Program Learning Outcomes

For University Studies Degree Learning Outcomes, see page 22.

Complete the following 21 units
  • MATH 3A Calculus (4)
  • MATH 3B Calculus (5)
  • MATH 4A Calculus (4)
  • PHYS 4A Physics (Mechanics) (4)
  • PHYS 4B Physics (Electricity and Magnetism) (4)
Choose 6-9 additional units
  • CHEM 1A General Chemistry (5)
  • CIS 61 C++ Language Programming (3)
  • ENGR 17 Circuits and Devices (4)
  • ENGR 35 Statics (3)
  • ENGR 45 Properties of Materials (4)
  • MATH 4B Differential Equations (4)
  • PHYS 4C Physics (Heat, Waves, Optics and Modern Physics (4)
General Education units are modified for this major

For reference only as of 2019/2020

Degree Requirements and Courses

Learn more about certificate and degree requirements, course content, recommended sequence, and schedule.

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