Commonly Used Admissions/Records Forms

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Submission Instructions

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Appeals and Wa​ivers  
Loss of CCPG Appeal Form Complete this form if you have lost eligibility for the California College Promise Grant due to extenuating​ circumstances.
Matriculation Exemption Form Complete this form if you should be exempt from Assessment, Orientation And/or Educational Plan requirements
Pass/No Pass Form​ Complete this form if you would like to declare a pass/no pass for your course(s). Please note only certain courses are eligible.
Late Add-Drop Form Use this form during the current term. This form is used when the deadline to add, drop, or withdraw has passed. A Late Drop may result in an excused Withdrawal (EW).
Excused Withdrawal (EW) Petition Due to COVID-19 If you have a COVID-related need to withdraw from a course/courses before or after a grade/grades are posted, please use this form.
Excused Withdrawal Extenuating Circumstances Petition Use EW petition after a grade has been posted for a class. Complete this form if you have ​experienced circumstances beyond your control which caused a need for you withdraw from your courses and you would like your permanent records changed.

If you need clarification whether to use the Late Add/Drop form or the EW form, contact Cindy Silva at

​Degree and Certificate Forms​  
Degree and Certificate Application​​ Complete this form if you will be graduating within the next 1-2 semesters.
Replacement Diploma/Certificate Request Complete this form if you have already received your degree or certificate and you need a replacement​​
Transcript Evaluation Form Complete this form if you have transcripts from other colleges.

To learn more about the Degree/Certificate evaluation step by step process, please visit​

Enrollment Forms​​  
Change of Information/Major Form Complete this form if you  need to update your contact information or declared major
Registration Form Complete this form to add/drop courses.
Concurrent Enrollment Permission Request - (For Spring 2021 Only)​​ This is required for all High School students wishing to take courses at Shasta College.
Residency Forms  
Residency Letter Complete this document if you have lived in California For at least 1 year and 1 day
​​Student Financial Independent Status Questionnaire​ Complete this form if you are an adult student seeking in-state tuition and your parents are not Californi​a residents
A​B540 Exemption Request - English​ Complete this online form to request exemption from nonresident tuition. See form for eligibility requirements.
Seasonal Agriculture Employment Verification Complete this form if you or parent earn a livelihood by performing agricultural labor in California​.
Seasonal Agriculture Employment Verification - Espanol Complete this form if you or parent earn a livelihood by performing agricultural labor in California.
​​​Verification Requests  
Grade Verification for Registration​ Complete this form if you wish to retake a course you will not pass.
Verification of Student Records​ Complete this form if you need a one time verification of your records sent to a third party.
Homeless Youth Certification Request Complete this form if you are less than 25 and do not have regular and adequate nighttime residence.
Release of Information ​Complete this form to allow another person or party have access to your records indefinitely​.
Revoke Release of Information​ Complete this form if you wish to revoke previously granted access to your student records.