We strongly encourage you to complete this process as soon as you start at Shasta College so you have a clear idea of what you have already taken, and you can avoid taking duplicate coursework.

Process for Obtaining Credit

  1. Request an official copy of your transcripts from your other college(s) to be sent to the Shasta College Admissions and Record Office, P.O. Box 496006 | Redding, CA 96049-6006
  2. Meet with your Counselor to discuss which classes might be applicable to your current program/major.
    • If you requested your transcripts to be sent to Shasta College less than 2 weeks before your Counseling appointment, make sure you bring unofficial copies of your transcripts to your Counseling appointment so your Counselor has something to review.  
    • If your coursework is older than 1995, be prepared to reach out to your former college and ask them for course descriptions to be emailed to you.
  3. Once your Counselor has identified which classes may be applicable to your current program/major, complete the Transcript Evaluation Request (PDF).
  4. Your form will be routed to our Transcript Evaluators in Admissions and Records.  Once they receive your official transcripts, please allow 4-6 weeks for the final evaluation to be completed.  
  5. You will be notified of the final results of the evaluation.
  6. Once coursework is evaluated, any course equivalents and units will be added to your Shasta College transcripts.  
    • Grades and Grade Points will not be assigned for Transfer credit.