In order to be eligible for the maintenance allowance, a student must meet all the following criteria:

  1. Reside in one of the following territories:
    • Modoc County
    • Eastern Sierra Unified School District (USD) in Mono County. Students residing in the Mammoth USD, which is also in Mono County, are not eligible for the maintenance allowance because that district is annexed to the Kern Community College District.
    • In the upper-right-hand corner of Siskiyou County within the Tulelake Basin Joint USD. Although the Tulelake Basin Joint USD is mostly physically located within Siskiyou County, it is considered as part of the Modoc County USD. Thus, certification forms for these eligible Tulelake Basin Joint USD students must be forwarded to the Modoc County Office of Education.
  2. Reside more than 60 miles from the nearest community college attendance center.
  3. Be under 21 years of age or under 25 years of age and honorably discharged or otherwise returning from active or inactive military service with the armed services of the United States.
  4. Be enrolled for at least 12 units per term throughout the period of eligibility.
  5. If a student combines enrollment at two districts to satisfy the full time enrollment requirement, the claim for reimbursement and payment to the student shall be made by the district where the student is enrolled for the higher number of credit units. If the student is enrolled for an equal number of credit hours at each district, the claim for reimbursement and payment to the student shall be made by the district that is located closer to the student’s home address. The district that submits the claim for reimbursement and makes payment to the student is responsible for verifying all the claimed credit units that serve as the basis for payment. Credit classes offered through distance education that meet the requirements of Title 5, Section 55200 et seq. may be included in establishing fulltime enrollment so long as a portion of the credit units taken at each community college district to satisfy the requirements of this section are not taken through distance education.

The period of eligibility includes each calendar day during which the eligible student is enrolled full time in credit classes. Such period includes Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and “Spring Break,” but excludes breaks between terms when the students are not enrolled.

The Chancellor’s Office will calculate the applicable daily rate and notify you as soon as we have all the necessary information. The daily rate may be increased by the Implicit Price Deflator for State and Local Government Purchase of Goods and Services, if circumstances warrant. A proration will be made if the total claims exceed $100,000, the maximum amount available for this purpose. After the calculation is made and notification made to districts of the daily rate, no additional claims will be accepted.


Please download the Maintenance Allowance Application (PDF) and send the completed application to egomez@shastacollege.edu

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