Noncredit education offers tuition-free classes and certificates that help you develop foundational skills and provide a smooth transition to credit programs and employment. Noncredit courses can be repeated to allow time for students to build skills without the pressure of receiving grades or paying tuition and fees.

The following areas offer noncredit courses and/or certificates:

  • Foundational Skills (ESL, Citizenship, GED Prep, Math Camp), Entrepreneurship, Customer Service, Career Education, Forestry, Life Long Learning

Search Courses Now

To view noncredit courses, please use the online course catalog as a guest. (Students please access this feature through MyShasta).

  1. Drop down to the Term you'd like to register for
  2. Use the Search (blue button) at the bottom
  3. Select the Credits title / arrow icons (in the table header) to sort courses by number of credits
  4. Check out all the courses with "0.00000 Credits" for Noncredit Education!

Benefits of Noncredit Courses

  • Tuition-free
  • No prerequisite requirements on most noncredit courses
  • Repeatable even if you receive passing grade
  • Time to develop the skills and knowledge needed at your own pace
  • Serves as a gateway into credit certificate and degree programs
  • Gain skills and knowledge for a current or new job
  • Improve math, English and literacy skills

Difference Between Noncredit and Credit Course

Noncredit Credit
Do not earn college credit Earn college credit toward a degree and certificate
Receive a pass or no pass grade Receive a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F)
No tuition or fees required to take course Tuition and fees required to enroll in course
Can repeat as many times as desired Can only complete course once with passing grade

Steps to Register for Noncredit Courses

  • Apply to Shasta College through our website via CCCApply/MyPath
  • Ensure you choose "Improve Basic Skills" as your educational goal
  • You will receive an application confirmation email with your unique Student ID within 24 hours
  • Return to MyPath to reveal the correct path for enrolling into one of our multiple non-credit classes

Please Note: Noncredit courses do not require you to meet with a counselor or submit transcripts.  You can register for courses during Open Enrollment.

Registering by Email

As an alternative to going through the CCC Apply method for registration, students can fill out the two attached forms and email them directly to Sandy Opdyke in Admissions & Records at

Non-Credit Frequently Asked Questions

There are no fees or tuition for noncredit courses. However, students may be responsible for books, supplies and parking fees where applicable.

Noncredit courses are open to anyone in the community.


No, financial aid is not available for noncredit classes.

Students may need to purchase textbooks and/or materials for noncredit courses depending on the requirements of the class. Review specific details of each class.

Parking permits are required for classes held at Shasta College campus.  You can find parking information here.


Yes. Please visit the PACE office for more information.

The course number will be between 300-399 and has zero units associated with it. For example, ESL 331, BAUD 301, etc.