Some programs​ offered at Shasta College are not eligible for Federal and State Financial Aid. All programs offered as an Associates Degree or higher are eligible. All Certificates must be approved by the Department of Education (DOE) prior to funding students enrolled in the program. When new certificates are created, or existing certificates modified, they must be approved by the DOE prior to funding. In order to be approved by the DOE, they must be at least 16 units and lead to Gainful Employment.   

Federal and State Aid Not Approved Certificates

The following certificates are only eligible for the California College Promise Grant (formerly BOG Fee Waiver) to waive the $46/unit. If you are enrolled in one of these certificate programs you will not be eligible for: Pell Grant, Cal-Grant, Full Time Student Success Grant, Student Success Completion Grant, Federal Work-Study or Federal Direct Student loans. You may also still apply for scholarships.

19-20 Certificates Eligible for California College Promise Grant Only (formerly BOG Fee Waiver)


  • CT.3352: Business Retail Management
  • CT.3133: Customer Service Academy

Career & Life Success

  • CL.3415: Career Success Certificate

Fire Technology

  • CL.3434: Fire Technology -- Wildland Firefighter I Academy

Foundational Skills

  • NCR.1001: English as a Second Language

Health Sciences

  • CL.3455: Medical Scribe Specialist
  • CL.3300: Nurse Aid/Home Health Aide
  • CL.3454: Phlebotomy Technician Program

Human Services

  • CL.3252: Life Management

Industrial Technologies

  • CL.3435: Automotive Technology -- Automotive Chassis
  • CL.3436: Automotive Technology -- Automotive Electrical
  • CL.3437: Automotive Technology -- Automotive Engine Performance
  • CL.3439: Automotive Technology -- Automotive Heating/Air Conditioning
  • CL.3440: Automotive Technology -- Automotive Powertrain
  • CL.3430: Industrial Technologies

Water Resources

  • CL.3421: Watershed Restoration

Prior Year CCPG Eligible Only Certificates

  • 2017-18
  • 2018-19

If you were previously enrolled in one of the certificates listed above, and have changed your major, please submit a Change of Information form to the Admissions & Financial Aid Office. If you need to meet with a counselor to create/update your Educational Plan please call (530) 242-7724.

Alternative Program Information

If you are pursuing the Associate Completion in the Evenings (ACE) program or the Bachelor's​ of Science (BS) in Health Information Management, information related to financial aid and these programs is listed below: