What is ACE?

The ACE program, Accelerated College Education, is designed for people who want to continue working, attend college full-time, want predictable schedules, and are ready to take college-level coursework by the time the program begins. The program features compressed classes that are primarily online (with the occasional class featuring synchronous Zoom meetings on Tuesday or Thursday evenings). This structure allows a student to complete their certificate or degree within 4-24 months.​

Why ACE?

You are working.  You have kids, a spouse, a parent and/or other familial responsibilities.  You are active in a community organization.  You don’t feel like you have time for one more thing.

But you want to be in college.

How are you going to fit that into your life?

You could take one class each semester. But it would take you 20 terms – fall, spring, summer – to work through the classes for an Associate degree (or 10 terms for a certificate).  That’s almost seven years. And that's if the class schedules work with the rest of your life.

ACE is designed using accelerated/compressed courses and structured schedules so you can complete a Certificate in 9 months or an Associate degree in 24 months (or less if you have  completed some college coursework already).  

I’ve got kids; I don’t want to miss out on them. You can be a role model for them of how to be a good student and achieve your goals.

I’ve got a full-time job. When would I take the classes? Our programs are structured so you only take 2 classes per block (2 blocks per semester, 1 block in summer). And because you’ll see many of the other ACE students in your classes, you'll become a support system for each other.

I’d miss my community organization. You will build skills and knowledge that you can bring back to your community organization and help strengthen it.

Your accelerated college education. You can do this. We’re here for you.​ 

Want to complete a Bachelor's after you finish ACE?

Check out Shasta College's BOLD Program! (Bachelor's through Online & Local Degrees)