​What is the SAP Policy?​​

In accordance with Federal Financial Aid Regulations, Shasta College has developed the following policy to stay in compliance with the SAP criteria when determining student eligibility for financial aid. Students must meet all three SAP standards in order to remain eligible to receive financial aid at Shasta College. 

A student’s SAP will be evaluated at the end of each semester and the student will receive notification of their SAP status through the “MyShasta” Portal as well as email. Though we make every effort to notify students of their SAP status in a timely manner, it is the student’s responsibility to understand their progress in relation to the SAP standards. Every semester counts towards all students’ financial aid eligibility regardless as to whether or not they are receiving financial aid at the time. 

​The Three SAP Standards ​are the following:

This includes all prior coursework (including repeated, remedial and ESL units). 

Your academic transcript GPA may differ from your FA GPA due to repeats and withdrawals. 

Grades of NC (No Credit), NP (Not Passes), IP (In Progress), RD (Report Delayed), INC (Incomplete), W (Withdrawal), or F (Failure) are considered units NOT successfully completed.

This includes all repeat, remedial, and ESL units. Withdrawals (W), Incomplete (I), No Pass (NP), In Progress (IP), Failing Withdrawal (FW), and Failing (F) grades are all considered units attempted with no credit received.

The Pace percentage is calculated as follows:

Total Units Completed / Total Units Attempted = PACE 

For Example: A student enrolls in their first semester and enrolls in 12 units and ends up receiving 6 units worth of W’s and 6 units worth of B’s. This students Pace calculation is 12/6=50%. This student would not meet the 67% minimum percent rule.

View the PACE Calculation Grid

This includes all prior coursework attempted and earned regardless if a degree/certificate has been earned. This includes W’s, I’s, NP’s, IP’s, FW’s and F’s. Up to 30 units of remedial and/or ESL coursework will be excluded from the Quantitative assessment.

Maximum Time Frames:

Associate degrees = 90 units (Please Note: The Associate Degree for Nursing and for Dental Hygiene require more units, so the maximum units are slightly higher.)

Certificates = Vary, contact the Financial Aid Office for a specific calculation if necessary

SAP Status & Notifications

All students SAP status will be reviewed at the end of every semester once grades have posted and you will receive an e-mail notification informing you of your SAP status. You can also view your SAP status in MyShasta in the Financial Aid Portal which will provide details regarding your current SAP status.

SAP Status & Notifications
New Student You have no previously attempted units and are in good standing.
Satisfactory You have met all SAP standards and are in good standing.
Warning (GPA/PACE) You are not currently meeting the minimum GPA or Pace requirement. You will be funded during your warning semester. If your cumulative GPA or pace is not brought up to the minimum after grades from your warning semester have posted, you will be ineligible the following semester.
Ineligible (GPA/PACE) You did not increase your GPA/PACE during your warning semester and you are now ineligible to receive financial aid for any future semesters until you regain your financial aid eligibility.
Maximum Timeframe Warning You are approaching the maximum number of attempted/completed units that is allotted for your major. You are eligible to receive funding while you are below 150% of the units required for your major.
Maximum Timeframe Ineligible You have reached the maximum number of attempted/completed units that is allotted for your major. You are no longer eligible to receive financial aid.
AP1/AP2/AP3/AP4 Your extenuating circumstances appeal was approved and you have been placed on an academic plan. The numbers in this SAP status are relative to number of terms you have been on an academic plan.
AMX Academic Plan Your extension of units appeal was approved and you have been granted an additional 120% to complete your major.
MX2 Academic Plan Your extension of units appeal was approved and you have been granted an additional 150% to complete your major.
TRM You have completed your extension of units appeal or failed to meet the terms of your academic plan
CEX You have completed your extension of units appeal

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding your SAP status or the Shasta College Financial Aid's SAP Policy and Procedures, please contact our Financial Aid Office at (530) 242-7650 or financialaid@shastacollege.edu.