Repetition of a college course is generally restricted to two repetitions if the class is taken and not passed, for a total of three enrollments. If a class is passed by a student or attempted three times and not passed, then a student may request an Audit for the class if they wish to participate in class activities beyond the repetition limit; and to allow students to repeat a course with the intent of upgrading needed skills or reviewing course content. Priority will be given to credit-seeking students.

Auditing a class will not result in a new grade or college credits.


  • Students must be eligible for admission to Shasta College as regularly enrolled students.
  • Students may audit classes only when they have exhausted repetition opportunities for the course.
  • Students must meet course prerequisites.

Priority in class enrollment shall be given to students desiring to take the course for credit towards a degree or certificate. (Education Code Section 76370(d)).


The fee for auditing a class is $15.00 per unit, per semester (Education Code Section 76270(a)). Material fees, if applicable, will also be required at the time of enrollment for an approved audit request. The audit fee is non-refundable.

Students enrolled in classes to receive credit for ten or more semester credit units shall not be charged a fee to audit three or fewer units per semester.

How to Audit a Class

Contact the Admissions & Records Office, in person at Building 100 of the Main Campus, or by calling (530) 242-7650, or by email at We will review your Shasta College record to check for eligibility to Audit the requested course. If you are eligible we will provide you with a link to the digital Audit Request Form.

The form will require approval from the Instructor of the requested class as well as the Dean of the Division’s approval.

Students who enroll on an audit basis shall not be awarded grades or credit. The notation “AU” shall appear on their transcript of record appropriate to the course enrolled.

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