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Interest Area Programs of Study Counselors
Earth & Environment Agriculture, Earth Sciences Nickie McGarry, Haley Carter
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Computer Science, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Math, Engineering, Computer and Information Systems, Earth Sciences, Geology/GIS Sonia Randhawa, Nelson Espinola, Michelle Saelee
Industrial Technology Industrial Technology, Water Resources, Agriculture Nickie McGarry, Haley Carter
Business & Hospitality Business, Business Systems and Office Technologies, Culinary Arts/Hospitality Rob McCandless, Donna Pratt (Culinary Arts/Hospitality)
Language & Literature Language Arts, ESL Brian Spillane, Corrinne Minnard
Education Liberal Studies, Physical Education and Athletics, Early Childhood Education, Earth Sciences Jason Kelly (PE/Athletics), Donna Pratt (Education/ECE)
Visual & Performing Arts Art, Music Brian Spillane, Corrinne Minnard
People, Culture, & Society Social Sciences, Humanities, Communication Studies, Human Services, Early Childhood Education Brian Spillane, Corrinne Minnard, Donna Pratt (ECE/Human Services)
Public Safety Administration of Justice, Fire Technology Rob McCandless
Health & Wellness Health Sciences, Physical Education and Athletics (Kinesiology), Human Services Mindy Marlatt, Sue Loring, Jason Kelly (PE/Kinesiology), Carolyn Borg, Kimberly Peacemaker

Counselors by Support Programs & Services

For EOPS, the following majors are most popular: All Business (tran and nontran), Industrial Technology: Welding and Heavy Equip; Social Science/ Psychology, CULA and ECE.