Benefits of using CVC

  • Flexible: online courses allow for work, life, and college balance.  
  • Variety: choose from a wide range of courses
  • Transfer: most courses transfer to CSU’s, UC’s, and other California Community Colleges.
  • Accelerate: expedite your degree completion or transfer to a university.  

Home College: This is the college where you’re enrolled and working towards your degree.

Teaching College: This is a different college you take classes at to fulfill degree requirements that you’re unable to complete at your home college. 

Enrollment Process

  1. Visit and select your Home College.
  2. Search for courses by keyword, subject, transfer area, etc.
  3. After reviewing the search results, click on the course you want to enroll in.
  4. Click on “add Class” to instantly enroll. Some courses may require additional review by the teaching college before enrollment is complete.
  5. Review the Payment and Financial Aid Reimbursement Options.
    1. If you requested that your teaching college units be included in your Shasta College Financial Aid Package, we will send you an e-mail after census if your request was approved, denied, or if we need additional information.
  6. Thats it! access your course through Canvas at your home college.

Financial Aid Consortium Agreement

A Financial Aid Consortium Agreement allows students to take courses at multiple participating colleges while maximizing their financial aid eligibility. 

To enter a consortium agreement, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled in at least 6 units at your Home College.
  • Have a complete financial aid file.
  • Have an eligible SAP status.
  • Have an educational plan that shows the teaching college course satisfies your degree requirements. To schedule an appointment with a Shasta College Counselor, call (530) 242-7724 or schedule an appointment online.

Under this consortium agreement, you (the student) understand:

  • Transferable coursework taken at the teaching college will be used to establish my enrollment status at Shasta College.
  • You must be enrolled in at least 6 units at Shasta College during the corresponding semester.
  • Must be enrolled in a certificate, degree, or transfer program at Shasta College.
  • Teaching College courses must be required for your Shasta College major.
  • You are adopting Shasta College’s financial aid policies.
  • If your enrollment status at the teaching college changes, it is your responsibility to repay any financial aid overpayments that are incurred.
  • Official transcripts from the teaching college will be automatically issued to Shasta College.
  • All transferable courses that are eligible for consortium will be included on your Shasta College transcripts.
  • While cross enrolled at Shasta College and a teaching college, you may only receive financial aid at Shasta College. The California College Promise Grant is the sole exception to this rule.
  • Consortium Agreements are only approved for one semester at a time and will not be retroactively applied.
  • Failure to meet any part of this agreement may result in a repayment of financial aid. 

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