Committed to student learning and personal development, our high school programs champion students as they achieve their educational goals. Our programs give students the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school and below.

Behind in high school credits?

We also have an innovative program for students who are behind in credits and want to complete their high school graduation requirements through Shasta College classes. 

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Dual Enrollment

The Shasta College Dual Enrollment Program is committed to providing students access to college level coursework and units while attending high school. All classes are located on high school campuses throughout our district.

College Connection

One year alternative education program conducted in partnership with participating high schools. Provides accelerated, challenging courses for the academic college-bound student and highly motivated vocational students.

Gateway to College

An alternative education program allowing high school students, who are behind in credits, the opportunity to complete their high school graduation requirements through classes offered on campus.

Concurrent Enrollment

For high school students who would like to take college courses at a Shasta College campus or online. Concurrently enrolled students pay some fees, but they do not pay the $46/unit registration fee.​

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