For more information, please visit MyShasta for Students How-To Documents & Videos. You can also view the Waitlist and Add Authorization Tip Sheet (PDF).

What are they?

Once a class starts, beginning at 12:00 am the day of, no student can register into the class without first obtaining an Add Authorization from the instructor. This is the only way to register into a class in the time period between the section start date and the day before census (typically two weeks after the section starts for full-term classes).

How to get an Add Authorization

The student needs to contact the instructor, via email* or showing up to the first class meeting, and request an Add Authorization. The instructor will need the student’s full name of record and their student ID number. Once the authorization has been granted, a little blue banner saying, “Authorized to Add,” will display on the section on student’s registration page in MyShasta. 

If you have been granted an add authorization for any specific course, you will be able to click "Register" on the first day of class. 

*Instructor email addresses can be found in the section details for a class. (For example, if you’ve added ART-1-F1234 to your plan, click on where it says ART-1-F1234 and a window with the section’s details will display.)

Additional information

  • Students are still required to fulfill all other pre/co-requisites and/or restrictions for the class.
  • This is separate from the waitlist. The waitlist can be utilized by faculty to give add priority to students that were on the waitlist as opposed to students who were not on the waitlist but show up the first day of class.
  • Authorizations can be revoked by the instructor. This is at the discretion of the instructor, so if this happens to you, please contact the instructor with any questions or for clarification as to why it was revoked.


Last Updated October 21, 2022