Home College: The college in which you are seeking a degree

Teaching College: The college you are enrolling to fulfill a degree requirement that cannot be fulfilled at your home college.

Consortium Agreement Requirements

  • Be enrolled in at least 6 academic units at your home college.
  • Students must have a comprehensive educational plan that shows the course is required for degree fulfillment. To schedule an appointment with a counselor, please call (530) 242-7724 or schedule an appointment online.
  • Submit your transcript to Shasta College at the end of the semester. If transcript is not received within 4 weeks of course completion you will be required to pay back the grant(s) you received for the course(s).

Ways to Enroll in a Consortium Agreement

  • Online using the California Virtual Campus (CVC) platform.

Enrolling via CVC can save you time and money. We highly encourage this method.

Steps to enroll using the CVC platform

  1. Visit cvc.edu select your Home College
  2. Select the criteria you wish to search (subject, transfer area, keyword etc.)
  3. After reviewing all search results, click on the course you wish to enroll
  4. Select Add Course and follow the prompts

Depending on the college you may or may not need to submit a separate admission application (you will be prompted to do so if required).

Apply directly through Shasta College

  • Spring 2023 filing period: 01/17/23 to 03/31/2023
  • Summer 2023 filing period: 06/12/23 to 07/31/2023
  • Fall 2023 filing period: To be determined

Steps to enroll through the admissions & Financial Aid Office

  1. Obtain and complete the Consortium Agreement Application (PDF)
  2. Submit the completed application along with a copy of your counselor approved educational plan.

To download a copy go to the student planning tool in MyShasta. Then click ‘plan and schedule’, go to the counselor notes tab and select ‘view approved educational plan.’

If you do not have an approved educational plan, you will need to schedule a counseling appointment.

Comprehensive Educational Plan

The comprehensive educational plan must include all units you are enrolled in at Shasta College, the Host College and all prior units taken. Submit with the Consortium Agreement. To schedule an appointment with a counselor, please call (530) 242-7724 or schedule an appointment online.

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