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I have had the privilege of teaching sociology at Shasta College since 2006. I grew up in the Redding area. After graduating from Central Valley High School, I attended UC Santa Barbara and double majored in Cultural Anthropology and Women's Studies. As an AmeriCorps member, I worked with youth on probation after graduation. This inspired me to pursue my doctorate in Sociology at UC Davis. My research interests included the sociology of medicine, gender/sexuality, media, social stratification, and family.

I believe students' - their skills and experiences - are essential components of the classroom . Sociology, as the study of social behavior, provides an incredible opportunity to learn from one another, explore topics in new and challenging ways, and ultimately, empower students. As such, you can expect a class that demands your engagement, feedback, and dedication.

  • Introduction to sociology (SOC 1)
  • Sociology of social problems (SOC 2)
  • Sociology of minorities (SOC 25)
  • Sociology of gender (SOC 30)
  • Sociology of mass media (SOC 15)
  • Sociology internships (SOC 94)