Published September 7, 2022

I grew up watching Cops and Law & Order SVU which sparked my interest in pursuing a career in the Criminal Justice system. The beginning of my life I spent in Redding, so when I graduated from high school I moved back to the place I loved most—Redding!

When I came back, I wanted to start at Shasta College and get my AA—I was going back-and-forth on the decision to transfer to a CSU. After taking my first Administration of Justice (AOJ) class with Professor Carmena at Shasta College, I was enthralled! Professor Carmena spoke so highly of his career in law enforcement and of the departments in which he worked. Learning from someone with such a wealth of real-life experiences in law enforcement solidified my passion for the profession. I continued to take courses at Shasta College and then transferred to CSU, Chico where I eventually obtained my bachelor’s degree.

Because Professor Carmena took the time to get to know me, I felt comfortable asking if he would be a reference when I applied to Chico State’s Police Department. After working for Chico State PD for over a year, I applied to the Redding Police Department where I now work as a Community Service Officer. I am proud to be able to serve and to be a part of the community I love.

My start at Shasta College allowed me to learn about my career choice from great instructors who teach with passion and personal interest in their students and helped prepare me to attend a CSU.

Shasta College Knight