Published March 26, 2024

I have a lot of family in the fire service, so you could say that I’m following a family tradition by attending the Shasta College Fire Academy and pursuing this profession. There’s also a great deal of history behind my coming here. I’ve had at least four friends come through the Shasta College Fire Academy and a couple of uncles. That’s a lot of stories and some pretty high expectations. But the Academy has lived up to everything I’ve heard, and I now have my own stories to tell. It’s definitely something you have to experience.

Right from the start, everybody in my class came together as a team. We all knew it would be difficult, so we approached the challenge with a certain mindset— that everyone was going to make it, and we were all in this together. We became a family very quickly.

The instructors at the Academy have been incredible. The training is very hands-on, with all the instructors focused on sharing their skills and preparing us.

My best advice for anyone considering pursuing their dream is to jump in! Don’t dip your foot in the water. It’s through challenges and hardships that we get to know ourselves and others; the camaraderie starts on day one when you face fears and challenges together. Meeting that challenge is something you’ll never regret doing.