Published May 3, 2022

I spent countless hours in my grandpa’s garage helping to restore his Chevelle. Those times stayed with me as I grew and started tinkering with toys, then moving onto bicycles, and finally graduating to my own vehicles. I decided to pursue Mechanical Engineering at my local Community College out of high school. Shortly after my first few classes, I realized that this was not a good fit and that I was truly meant to earn my living using my hands. I decided to take some time off of school to figure out what interested me and eventually landed on Diesel. Thus began the search for a place to expand my knowledge. Shasta College immediately stood out. Between the excellent Diesel program and location, the decision was easy.

My experience at Shasta College has been a huge turning point in my journey. Here I have met many new people and realized my passion for all things mechanical. But, most importantly, I have been able to absorb and utilize the in-depth training provided by my dedicated instructors, Ray and Ishmael. Their hands-on, structured program gave me the foundation and knowledge needed to start and maintain a successful career as a Diesel Technician. I started my career at Peterbilt with the help of a recommendation from Ray and have continued to progress and move forward ever since. I am now learning new skills while furthering my career as a technician for a large, successful company.

My education at Shasta College has taught me that a good, helpful learning environment can often be the difference between a passion and a career.

Shasta College Knight