Published January 17, 2024

As a first-generation college student, I faced many unknowns about college. Thankfully, I took classes at Shasta College while in high school, which allowed me to explore various interests and become familiar with how to study and succeed in college.

I took a chemistry class with Dr. Divan Fard, where his passion and enthusiasm for Chemistry helped me to connect with the subject matter and discover my love for science! Dr. Fard also helped me get an on-campus job as a chemistry Supplemental Instruction Leader, where I learned that I had an interest and desire to teach others about science. After taking Professor Mark Blaser’s general chemistry class, I knew I wanted to become a chemistry teacher.

Shasta College also helped me discover my passion early in my college experience by providing hands-on laboratory classes. In organic chemistry, I prepared and ran my own NMR and IR spectroscopy samples (trust me, it’s a big deal). Dr. Matt Evans’ organic chemistry class helped me prepare for the position I earned in the chemical stockroom at Shasta College. The stockroom technician, Doug Manning, trained me in the lab techniques I would need to succeed in the chemistry field.

I have applied to UC Davis, Cal Poly SLO, and other universities to attend their chemistry program. But, looking back on all the opportunities I’ve experienced and the people I’ve learned from, I genuinely believe Shasta College was the best investment in my future career goals!