What you get by living on campus:

  • All rooms are furnished.
  • All utilities are provided at no cost; including a wireless internet connection.
  • We have staff on duty 24/7 to assist occupants with whatever problem may arise.
  • Free use of the recreation room located in the Commons Building.
  • Full use of the kitchen located in the Commons Building; including a gas BBQ grill.
  • Free use of the computer lab located in the Commons Building.

Dorm Costs

Item / Service Price / Fee Average School Year (based on 275 days) Fall 2020 Spring 2021 2020-2021 School Year (283 Days)
Refundable Security Deposit (Due at time of application, one-time fee) $200 $200     $200
​Double Occupancy Room (2 Residents) $15 per night $4,125 $2,122.50 $2,122.50 $4,245
Single Occupancy Room (1 Resident) $30 per night $8,250 $4,245 $4,245 $8,490
Activity Fee $25 per semester $50 $25 $25 $50
​Average Contract Total (Double Occupancy Rooms)   $4,175      
2020-2021 Contract Total (Double Occupancy Room)         $4,295
2020-2021 Payment in Full Contract ($200 discount) (Double Occupancy Room)     $2,407.50 $2,047.50 $4,095

Meal Plans are not included in Dorm Fees; however, meal plans may be purchased with Food Services by contacting Denise Axtell, Director of Food Services at (530) 242-7771 or by email to daxtell@shastacollege.edu.

Exit / Damage Fees

Item / Service Price / Fee
Termination Fee (early cancellation of contract) ​$200
​Lost Key (Key Card, Room Key, Mail Box Key) ​$35 per key
Vacuuming ​$10
Room Cleaning Charge ​$25
​Room Cleaning Charge (Excessively Dirty) $50
Damaged Mirror ​$40
Damaged Chair ​$75
Damaged Bed / Desk $100

Please Note: Other possible damages are assessed at time of occurrence and will be determined by actual replacement/repair and labor costs.