Psychological Counseling Services

Brief clinical counseling provided by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).

  • Nicole Smith, LCSW (Certificated, non-instructional faculty​​​)

Preparing for your visit...

  • To request a visit with the Psychological Counselor, please Request a Consultation
  • Appointments are usually 45-50 minutes.
  • Most therapy appointments will be provided using a HIPAA compliant Zoom platform
  • Students must complete required documents and upload a copy of their state issued photo ID (driver’s license or State ID) on the Student Health & Wellness Portal prior to an appointment being scheduled.
  • Students arriving more than 15 minutes late for an appointment will be re-scheduled. Please arrive on time for your appointments!
  • Please call as far in advance as possible if you need to re-schedule an appointment so we can offer the appointment to someone else.
  • If you do not show up for your scheduled appointments or have repeated cancellations, you'll be directed to use the psychological counselor's walk in hour(s).

Student Health & Wellness services are available to Shasta College students who have paid the semester health fee and are registered at the time of service in credit-bearing courses for the current semester. Enrollment is verified with each visit.

About Student Psychological Counseling Services

Student Psychological Counseling services is a program designed for Shasta College students who are experiencing stress or other emotional difficulties.  Frequently, these difficulties affect a student's academic performance or their ability to function effectively in social or work settings.  Our goal is to assist students in overcoming these challenges.

Psychological Counseling services provides counseling, within a safe and positive environment, to assist with panic/anxiety, depression, grief and loss, identity struggles, relationship difficulties, substance abuse, eating disorders, or test anxiety.  Students learn to feel better in general and develop more self-esteem.  Many find they are able to function more effectively in relationships and to focus and perform more successfully in their classes.

Student Psychological Counseling services are not meant to be long-term. Community referrals must be made in the event longer term interventions are required.