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Challenge your commonly held assumptions of the roles of men and women in society! Address consequences of stereotyping and identify barriers faced in various roles in academia​ and the workforce. Featuring panelists and speakers of diverse backgrounds and beliefs.

Keynote by Gloria Kimbwala​

Gloria Kimbwala was Square’s University Tech Evangelist. She’s focused on helping connect people to the tools, programs, and support they need to enter the technology industry. Gloria is an advocate for ensuring the technology industry is an inclusive and diverse space for all, including diversity of age, sexual orientation, ability, race, gender, and life experiences.

"Never let people’s opinion of you hold you back from what you want to accomplish in life. Where there’s a will there’s a way; and if there is no way, make a way. There will be obstacles but don’t let that stop you. Be a hurdler, take pleasure at leaping ove​r obstacles and pressing on towards your goal. Be the greatest version of yourself that you can be and surround yourself with people that think positively of you and believe in your abilities. If you are passionate about something follow that passion, it’s much better than working on something you are not passionate about and the interest in that topic very rarely goes away."

Keynote Address:
"Right Here/Right Now​" (PDF)
presented by: Gloria Kimbwala
presented date: 4/13/2018

Meet Square’s Gloria Kimbwala, An Engineer Dedicated To Advancing Diversity In Tech
Megan Rose Dickey@meganrosedickey / Jan 12, 2016​