Shasta College Food Services Dining Program​ 

The Shasta College Food Services Dining Program is a simple and convenient system to enhance week day dining needs while a student at Shasta College.

Reloadable Cards

Reloadable cards are available for purchase in the Campus Center and over the phone by contacting the Food Services Department. A minimum deposit of $25 is required on a reloadable card. Students can reload cards at anytime. Food Services offers rewards for using the dining program reloadable cards with every $500 accumulation of deposits loaded on a card. 

Lost or Stolen Cards

Lost or stolen cards can be immediately cancelled and re-issued by contacting the food services department. A transaction fee of $10 will be charged for replacement and reloading of your first lost card. Any additional replacements will be charged a transaction fee of $25.

Remaining Balance

Monies remaining on reloadable cards will roll over each semester. Balances on cards at the end of a student’s enrollment at Shasta College will be forfeited or can be donated to the Shasta College Student Assistance Program. Students are encouraged to use all monies on cards before completing their education plans here at Shasta College. 

How much should I budget for the Shasta College Dining Program? 


Full Time-Student Semester Full Year
Living On Campus $550 $1,100
Living Off Campus $300 $600


Please complete the meal plan form and mail it to the following address or pay by phone at the number below: 


Shasta College Food Services 
PO Box 496006 
Redding, CA  96049-6006 

Contact Denise Axtell, Food Services Director