• The physician is not on campus daily, and is not available to students when not on campus.
  • Physician services are contracted for a specific number of days / hours each year.
  • Physician services are not available during winter and spring breaks or summer session.

Primary Healthcare Provider

It is not the intention of the physician to be identified as a primary healthcare provider in the Student Health & Wellness Office. We have a limited scope of practice for physician services and do not function like the typical doctor's office. Community referrals must be made with conditions requiring ongoing medication and treatment follow-up. Our office will assist in the referral process as much as possible.


The office stocks a limited formulary of prescription medications to treat common, uncomplicated respiratory, ear / nose / throat, eye, and skin ailments. Only the physician can dispense these medications, which are available to the student at no cost. If our formulary does not contain the medication indicated for a condition, a prescription may be written, and filled at the student's expense.

Diagnostics & Referrals

At times, diagnostics such as X-rays, lab work or other medical tests may be indicated, as well as referral to another community provider / specialist. The student is responsible for costs associated with services rendered outside our office. 

Preparing for your visit...

  • Look up available MD Clinic Dates
  • To request a visit with the doctor please Request a Consultation
  • Appointments are usually 30-45 minutes in length.
  • Students have the option of scheduling either an in-person or HIPAA compliant telehealth appointment.
  • Our scope of service prohibits us from treating chronic conditions beyond four (4) appointments and pregnant women.
  • Students arriving more than 15 minutes late for an appointment may be re-scheduled for another day. Please arrive on time for your appointment!


Please call if you need to re-schedule an appointment so we can offer the appointment time to someone else.