The Student Health & Wellness Office is supported by the mandatory student health fee paid at the time of registration. You must be a Shasta College student, registered for credit bearing classes in the current semester, and have paid the health fee, to be eligible for services in the Health & Wellness office. Eligibility is verified at each visit.

Minors (under 18 years old) seeking an appointment with the College Nurse, Psychological Counselor or Contracted Physician must present with a parent / guardian signed consent​ before receiving treatment. Exception is given during an emergency (breathing, bleeding, loss of consciousness, mental health crisis) or situations exempted by law.

Shasta College employees may utilize the Student Health & Wellness Office nursing services to obtain their required work related tuberculosis clearance (TB Risk Assessment Questionnaire), at no cost to the employee.

The initial (at time of hire) TB Clearance must be completed at an off campus facility.

Employees may also receive initial first aid for an acute work-related injury, with a referral to the District’s Occupational Health provider as indicated. 

Non-student / non-employee visitors are eligible to use the office:

  • in case of emergency
  • or need for First Aid.