Organizational Structure

Shasta College Board Policy 3100 - Organizational Structure requires the Superintendent/President to establish organization charts that delineate the lines of responsibility and fix the general duties of employees within the District.  Below are links to the College's organization charts which are updated monthly after each regular meeting of the Governing Board.  For any questions regarding these charts, please contact the Superintendent/President's Office at (530) 242-7510.

Administrative Assignments

Administrative Functions

Division Assignments

Superintendent/President's Office
Human Resources / Information Services and Technology

Academic Affairs Overview
Arts, Communications, Consumer and Social Sciences (ACCSS)
Business, Agriculture, Industry, Technology and Safety (BAITS) / EWD
Extended Education
Health Sciences
Library Services and Educational Technology
Physical Education and Athletics (PEAT)
Science, Language Arts and Math (SLAM)

Student Services Overview
Financial Aid / Student Housing

Administrative Services Overview
Physical Plant