The District plans are developed in an hierarchical fashion, starting with each division's and administrative office area’s plan, which is based on program reviews and other input and consultative discussion from campus resource committees, such as the Budget Committee, Academic Senate, Enrollment Management Committee, etc.

The College Council is responsible for integrating the division and area plans into a cohesive, integrated strategic planning document. The integrated college plan includes the back-up materials and data used by the divisions and areas in the development of their individual planning documents and recommendations.

The Participatory Governance Manual is used to identify the correct process for each type of decision, to explain the purposes of our various committees, and to encourage participation by each member at the appropriate points in the decision-making process.

Participatory Process Criteria:

  • Mission / Goal Drive
  • Cyclical
  • Assessment / Evaluation Included
  • Buy-In / Participation From All Constituents
  • Clear Processes and Functions
  • Integrated and Aligned Plans and Processes
  • Comprehensive
  • Communication (Out and Feedback)
  • Flexibility
  • Priorities are Key
  • Simple
  • Data Based
  • Big Things
  • Timely
  • Efficient
  • Recommendations by Consensus