​​Research Committee





 Kate Mahar, Dean of Research and Institutional Effectiveness (Chair)
Frank Nigro, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Instruction
Timothy Johnston, Interim Associate Vice President of Student Services
Susan Wyche, Dean of Business, Agriculture, Technology, & Safety
Sandra Hamilton-Slane, Interim Dean of Student Services
Peter Griggs, Director of Marking and Outreach
Sharon Brisolara, Associate Dean of Access and Equity
James Crandall, Director of Information Technology
Amy Schutter, Director of Grant Development
Toni Duquette, Interim Project Coordinator – Senior, Research and Institutional Effectiveness
Sara Phillips, Research Analyst, Research and Institutional Effectiveness
Edward Stewart, Associate Dean of Student Learning


Kevin Fox, Mathematics
Dr. Lenore Frigo, Psychology
Joanne Tippin, Nutrition


Heidi Dias, Administrative Assistant - BAITS
Roberta Kelley, Administrative Secretary 1 - Research and Institutional Effectiveness

Operational Materials