Shasta College (SC) surveys students throughout the academic year for various reasons, including: the assessment of student learning, evaluation of courses, opinions about services and classroom technology, or satisfaction with and participation in campus events. We also survey college staff on a regular basis regarding participation in shared governance, employee satisfaction, and accreditation.

We conduct both paper and electronic surveys. All surveys conducted by this office will have the SC Research and Institutional Effectiveness Office logo. The SC Research Committee reviews all college-wide surveys to reduce the number and frequency of surveys across campus while scheduling them to maximize participation. If anyone (students, staff, or public) would like to survey our students or staff, please contact the research office by completing our Research Request Form. This procedure allows us to manage surveys on campus and allows us to use best practices in this area, to benefit both the college and the survey users. Benefits include: improved use of existing and new data, better coordination of survey schedules, reduced survey fatigue, and improved survey instruments. 


CTE Outcomes Survey by TOP Code


CTE Outcomes Survey by TOP Code