Measure H was approved under Proposition 39 which requires that the District establish, populate and empower an independent Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee.  At its February 15, 2017 meeting, the Board of Trustees adopted Resolution No. 2016-17-15 establishing the committee and approving its bylaws.  The resolution and bylaws can be viewed through the following links.

California Education Code

California Education Code Sections 15278, 15280 and 15282 explain the purpose of the citizens' bond oversight committee, the obligations of the District to support and respond to inquiries from the committee, the open meeting requirements, and required committee composition.  These code sections can be viewed through the following link.

Debt Issuance and Management Policy

Existing California law requires public agencies to provide information to the California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission certifying that it has adopted local debt policies concerning the use of debt and that the debt issuance is consistent with the local debt policies.  With the approval of Measure H, the District expects to execute and deliver its Measure H bonds in 2017 and has therefore adopted a debt issuance and management policy in compliance with Senate Bill 1029.  The District's debt issuance and management policy was approved by the Board of Trustees at its February 15, 2017 meeting through the adoption of Resolution No. 2016-17-16.  The resolution, and the debt issuance and management policy, can be viewed through the following links.

Measure H Election Documents