The Office of Grant Development supports these goals by providing assistance and leadership to departments seeking to obtain federal, state and/or local grant funding to assist in the creation or expansion of academic and student success programs.  Grants support college administration, instruction, faculty and students through program and curriculum development, procurement of equipment, and professional development.

Institutional advancement is fostered by an internal innovation mini-grant program - created through the 2017 Innovation Award in Higher Education – that supports innovative project ideas from the campus community which allows us to explore untested theories in education that increase student educational attainment and builds a community of practice and exploration.

Several innovative and successful grant programs at Shasta College include STEP-UP, TRIO, Shasta CARES, CAL-Fire Forest Health Climate Initiative grants (that built and fund our Heavy Equipment, Logging Operations and Truck Driving programs), and Innovation Mini-Grant Projects such as Online Horticulture Certificate with Distributed Labs – A Scalable Regional Collaboration, Transfer Posters and Transfer Week, Virtual Reality, GIS APP, and GEO App Phase II.