The Academic Senate has adopted the following definition of Academic Freedom:

Academic Freedom, as outlined in BP 4030, is the freedom of both non-instructional and instructional faculty at Shasta College to teach, research, present, publish, or discuss issues in their academic field without interference from the institution, political figures, boards of trustees, donors, other employees, or any other entity. Academic freedom also protects the right of a faculty member to speak freely when participating in institutional governance.

When faculty speak or write as authorities of their discipline, they should be free from institutional censorship or discipline. This freedom carries with it a professional responsibility to make an effort to be accurate, current, and respectful of the ideas of fellow professionals in that field of expertise. (Adopted March 27, 2023)

Academic Freedom is valued at Shasta College, so much so that an entire Board Policy (BP 4030) is devoted to it. It is important for faculty to distinguish between Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech.