Scope and Function

The College Council is the central participatory planning committee for Shasta College and is a key component of Shasta’s integrated planning and institutional review processes. The College Council is responsible for establishing the institution’s direction by developing the institutional mission statement and long-term goals, in concert with the Governing Board and Accreditation Standards.

The College Council will act as the primary participatory college committee and specifically to:

  • Advocate for effective College planning processes being in place and used.
  • Oversee the development of the College’s Strategic Plan and Educational Master Plan.
  • Develop College-wide priorities and make recommendations to the Superintendent/President regarding budgeting, staffing, equipment and facilities based on an analysis of information received from college committees and bodies.
  • Review the College Mission Statement at least once every six years and ensure alignment of the College mission and goals with the State Community College mission and goals.
  • Review and make recommendations on the District’s Board Policies and Administrative Procedures to ensure development based upon a culture of evidence and consultation with constituencies.
  • Establish ad-hoc committees, sub-committees, and task forces where and when appropriate. The following are examples of standing subcommittees of College Council:
  • Review reports from the Program Review Committee.
  • Communicate ideas and recommendations to the College community.

Committee Membership

  • Dr. Frank Nigro, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Instruction​ (Co-Chair)       
  • Dr. Tim Johnston, Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Student Services
  • Ioanna Iatridis, Associate Vice President of EWD
  • Cathy Anderson, Mathematics
  • Melissa Markee, Natural Resources 
  • Sonia Randhawa, Counseling (Co-Chair)
  • Milagros Israel, Student Services Coordinator (Dreamer Outreach)
  • Jessica Nieves, Administrative Professional II (ACSS)
  • Mike Parisot, Motor Pool Driver Technician
Student Representative
  • Vacant
Non-Voting Members
  • Will Breitbach, Executive Dean of Educational Technology & Learning Services
  • Becky McCall, Associate Vice President of Information Technology
  • Dr. Kevin O’Rorke, Interim Superintendent/President
  • Dr. Marrianne Williams, Associate Vice President of Human Resources