The website provides a repository and communication point for technology-related initiatives and information. Committee members provide broad-based review, advice, analysis, and reporting on suggested District technology initiatives, and they will help to evaluate the success of adopted technology initiatives. Finally, the committee will annually review the technology planning process and suggest improvements.  

Guiding Principles

  • All goals and activities contained in the TMP were developed to directly support the educational goals of the College, as articulated in the Strategic Plan, Educational Master Plan, and Facilities Master Plan.
  • The TMP is one of the District's key strategic plans and plays a critical role in the success of the Strategic Plan, Educational Master Plan, Facilities Master Plan, and ultimately, the College Mission.
  • As the detailed design and planning phases are implemented through the TMP, the Shasta College I.T. Department will identify technology issues and initiatives to be incorporated into relevant plans.
  • A significant number of demands for technology-related support will compete for potentially limited resources, including funding, staff, time and expertise. Consequently, the use of resources allocated to technology will be driven by needs, which are identified and prioritized in this plan as the first step of a selection process involving the appropriate campus committees and decision makers.

Technology Master Plan 2022-2025

Committee Membership

Name Representing Committee Role
Becky McCall Administration Chair
Will Breitbach ​Administration ​Co-Chair
John Lutkemeier Administration Voting Member
Larry Grandy Academic Senate Voting Member
Randy Reed Academic Senate Voting Member
Michael Fannon II Classified Professionals Voting Member
Brianne Brichacek Classified Professionals Voting Member