What is the ATI TEAS?

It is the policy of the Shasta College Health Sciences Division to ensure that students enrolling in the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program demonstrate basic skills and individual readiness. Shasta College has adopted the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) as its pre-enrollment diagnostic measure of basic skills as approved by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office.  

Starting June 3, 2022, a new version of the TEAS will be available - TEAS 7

  • This TEAS version will be weighted heavier in English & Language
  • Starting in 2023, this version will also be the only TEAS accepted – ATI TEAS 6 will no longer work for applying.

Test Features

ATI TEAS is a computerized, online proctored test. It will take approximately 4 hours to complete. It consists of questions evaluating students in basic skills of Reading, Math, Science and English. The exam is written at the 10-12th grade level.  

  • It is highly recommended that students study and prepare for this test. ATI has practice tests available and resources at www.atitesting.com.
  • You may also Google “free online TEAS exams” or Facebook support groups.
  • If you have a Shasta Public Library account, you can access free practice exams at www.shastalibraries.org > Digital Library > Learn > Learning Express > search for “TEAS”

The cost for the TEAS exam is set by ATI.  Shasta College pays for 75 codes per calendar year that are available for first-time exam attempts only through the Shasta College Testing Center; all subsequent attempts are at the cost of student.  Authorization codes are provided on a first come, first served basis.  Once all exams are exhausted, students will be required to pay for the TEAS exam. In order to request an authorization code, complete the TEAS Pre-Screening - Request for TEAS Testing Authorization Code.

All test attempts and when the test was last taken are included with the reported test results. Only the first 3 ATI TEAS exams are considered for admission. Exams must be taken with a minimum of 90 days between testing; exams taken less than 90 days after the previous exam are counted as an attempt, but the score is not used for application purposes and will not be reviewed.

If a student has taken the TEAS at another testing site, they will be required to request their previous scores be sent to Shasta College from ATI online at www.atitesting.com. ATI will charge a transcript fee to be paid by the student.

A composite (overall) score of 62% has been established by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office as the “passing” score or “cut score” through a statistical analysis of past performance of ADN students in 20 state programs.

Please note that different scores are set by CSU and individual programs according to local analysis. Scores will also be used to assist the college in evaluating future use of the test and to establish a local cut score for future program applicants.

Students who have met the established passing score, without needing remediation in any individual section, will be eligible for enrollment during the application period.

If a student scores below a composite score of 62%, they must retest.  

If a student has a composite score of 62% but has scores below 62% in any individual section of the TEAS, they must notify the Health Science division office to set up a meeting to obtain their individualized Remediation Plan.  

Students requiring remediation must successfully complete the Remediation Plan within one year from the date the student met to initiate the plan or prior to applying for enrollment into the ADN program, whichever is first.

To ensure that the student has successfully completed the Individualized Remediation Plan, Shasta College will require the student to do one of the following:

  1. At their own expense, re-take the TEAS exam
  2. Present documentation of successful completion of the course(s) required in their Remediation Plan (receiving a grade of “C” or higher) OR
  3. Pass an in-person exam at the Health Sciences Division in order to receive clearance to apply to the ADN program.

The documentation above must satisfy the intent of assuring readiness for success in the nursing program and meet the approval of the ADN Program Director. Any student who fails to complete the remediation requirements, or who continues to score below a composite score of 62%, will be ineligible to apply to the ADN Program through the Multicriteria Selection Process. 

Student can provide proof of remediation by completing one of the below courses that correspond with the area in need of remediation.  

  • These course must have been taken after your TEAS exam, and after initiating a written remediation plan for the program director. 
  • You must receive a grade of a C or higher.  
Reading Remediation Science Remediation Math Remediation English & Language Usage Remediation
Reading & Writing for Career & Life (CAL 256)* Human Bio (BIO 5) without a lab Math Exam @ Health Science Division Medical Terminology (HEOC 11)
Advanced ESL (ESL 336) Intro to Statistics English 129 or higher
Contact PACE & provide proof of a written plan for success in the ADN program (*recommended even if above course is taken)

Please check with a counselor if you take a course at another college to be sure of equivalency.

In order to schedule your remediation appointment, please email the Health Sciences Division at hsupconnect@shastacollege.edu.  Be sure to include your full name, phone number, student ID number, and location where you took the test.  If you took the TEAS anywhere besides Shasta College, please contact ATI TEAS and have an official transcript sent electronically to Health Sciences prior to contacting the division.