​Reporting Requirements Related to Assessment Testing

Shasta College is required to report TEAS results to the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCO) on an annual basis in accordance with California State SB 139 (Statutes of 2007) and SB 1309 (Statutes of 2006). 

In 2006, with SB 139 and SB 1309, the California State Legislature provided grant funding for developing enrollment growth and retention for nursing programs in California.  The purpose of the legislation was to improve completion rates in nursing programs throughout the state.  Included in the legislation was a mandate to include assessment and readiness testing for ADN students in California.  The TEAS provides information about a prospective nursing student's abilities in the basic academic skills of Reading, Math, Science and the English language and is one of the assessment measures approved by the CCCCO. 

SB 139 and SB 1309 require community colleges that are receiving funds for nursing program enrollment growth and retention grants collect and report data to the Chancellor's Office on the impact of assessment testing in community college nursing programs.

Information Shasta College Reports to the Chancellor's Office

In conjunction with Education Code Section 78261, Subdivisions (g) and (h), and Shasta College shall report to the CCCCO the following data for each academic year.

Ed. Code Section 78261 (g):

  • The number of students enrolled in the nursing program.
  • The number of students taking diagnostic assessments.
  • The number of students failing to meet proficiency levels as determined by diagnostic assessment tools.
  • The number of students failing to meet proficiency levels that enroll in pre-entry preparation classes.
  • The number of students who successfully complete pre-entry preparation classes.
  • The average number of months between initial diagnostic assessment, demonstration of readiness, and enrollment in the nursing program for students failing to meet proficiency standards on the initial diagnostic assessment..
  • The average number of months between diagnostic assessment and program enrollment for students meeting proficiency standards on the initial diagnostic assessment.
  • The number of students who completed the Associate Degree Nursing Program and the number of students who pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

Ed. Code Section 78261 (h):

  • Data reported to the Chancellor under this article shall be disaggregated by age, gender, ethnicity, and language spoken at home.