College Connection is now accepting applications for the 2021-2022 school year through our member high schools. See your high school counselor for an application or download a copy.


Juniors in good standing at a College Connection participating high school are eligible to apply. If transferring from a local private, charter, or home school, the student must meet standards set by the College Connection participating high school that sponsors his or her application during the junior year. A student may be considered after one semester, with special circumstances. A student who has not been a resident of California for the past year will have to pay out of state fees.

Selection Process Criteria

Students are selected  through an application process during the spring of their junior year. The program criteria is minimum 2.0 GPA, a strong attendance history, willingness to seek new challenges and enrolled in a participating school. A written application and face to face interview will occur in the winter of the junior year. The program is limited to 120 students.

Program Cost & Fees

The Shasta College tuition fees are waived, but students are still responsible for the cost of books and materials. Additional costs include a health center and campus fee of (currently) $41.50. If the student drives, a semester fee of $30 is needed to purchase a parking permit. All fees subject to change by the state legislature. The high school classes are free.